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Site Selection Trends in the Technology Industry

This article was originally published in Trade & Industry Development.

By Chris Engle, Principle, Avalanche Consulting

The technology industry has become one of the most dominant drivers of the U.S. economy today, as it permeates more aspects of consumer life and business strategy. Urgency now exists for companies to identify the best technology workforce to ensure dominance in their field. Despite low levels of unemployment, there is still fear that technology and automation will soon start to displace workers at levels never before seen (at least those tasks that can be automated). When Marc Andreessen famously said in 2011, “Software is eating the world,” he could have continued the sentence with, “and is coming to eat your lunch.”

Defining the technology industry is difficult in the age of pervasive ecommerce and business process optimization. This article reviews trends in new technologies and how they are changing the competitive landscape for technology producers – those industries such as software development and electronics manufacturing that deliver the technology products that everyone uses. It will also discuss trends in technology workforce, both where they are located today and where top technology graduates can be found. Finally, the article will offer strategic insights to help technology companies as well as technology-driven companies find their best locations for long-term success. Continue reading “Site Selection Trends in the Technology Industry”

Watching Pittsburgh to Determine the Future of Automation

Using Pittsburgh’s robotic renaissance as an example, researchers try to understand if automation and AI will help, hurt, or just change how we work.

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